Education, roads, budget: Lawmakers talk 2017 goals

Fillingane, R-Sumrall, will be looking at two big issues that fall in line with his responsibilities as chair of the Senate Finance Committee — taxes and school funding.

“My goal would be to make sure we have a balanced budget and our tax structure is sound,” he said….

…Polk, R-Hattiesburg, plans to focus on his education committee and reformulating the funding for state education….

…Repairing the state’s failing roads and bridges will be a priority for Hudson, R-Hattiesburg, in the upcoming session….

…Touchstone, R-Hattiesburg, said he will return with another push for a felony element to the social host law as one of the bills he plans to introduce. He sponsored legislation last year to increase penalties for those convicted of social hosting violations, but the felony language was stripped from the Senate’s version of the bill….

…Watson, D-Hattiesburg, plans to focus on ensuring public education is properly funded, along with programs such as public health, public safety and mental health….

…Byrd, R-Petal, is pushing an agenda similar to previous years’, dealing with a topic that is near to his heart — dyslexia….

…In his first term as a legislator, Corley plans to focus on education and agriculture in the district, which includes parts of Lamar and Pearl River counties.

Hattiesburg American