Pinkel would have to be crazy – or greedy – to leave Mizzou

Almost 10 years after he lost out as a finalist for the Washington head-coaching job that went to Mister Golden-Hair Surprise, Gary Pinkel has vaulted to the top of the heap of potential candidates to succeed Tyrone Willingham.
The dots connect conveniently: Pinkel, architect of Missouri’s metamorphosis from 98-pound weaklings into credible hulks, played for Don James in college, then worked 12 seasons at Washington as a James assistant. The Hall of Fame coach still corresponds with his former pupil, who appreciates, in a way few removed from the West Coast do, what Huskies football used to be, and what it can be again.

So here’s a thought: Just dial up Pinkel!
Not so fast, Louis.

Five reasons Pinkel stays at Missouri: