Playboy headline misleads readers

Chris Napolitano, editorial director of Playboy magazine, is committed to stirring a racial controversy in the next issue of Hugh Hefner’s favorite publication.
Napolitano, No. 2 behind Hef at the magazine, intends to use a 5,000-word column I wrote challenging the wisdom of America’s drug war, world-leading incarceration rate and brutal prison system as an excuse to fan racial flames and distract readers from the real issues raised in the piece.

It’s all eerily similar to the Golfweek-noose cover of a few months ago, except Napolitano’s scheme is more calculated and deliberate.

He’s going to do this over my objections and the strong disapproval of his executive editor, Lee Froehlich, the man who worked with me crafting the piece. Napolitano is going to do this being fully aware that he is being completely unfair to the sources who took genuine risks working with me on the story. He’s been told that his framing of the story will prevent the majority of people from digesting the substance of what was written.