Plenty Of GOP Pickup Opportunities In South Mississippi

I have spent a lot of time on Northeast Mississippi and how it has transformed from its TVA Democrat roots to a strength for Republicans on a number of levels. Contrast that with South Mississippi which has long been considered one of the strongest Republican areas in the state.

see map here

But among state legislators, there are certainly some Democratic pockets, although many of those Democrats will see competitive battles this fall. For the purpose of this post, I am looking at the districts in the six Southern-most counties of Jackson, Harrison, Hancock, George, Stone, and Pearl River. This includes House District 93 (which runs north of Lumberton down to Pearlington for some great reason), along with HD 105-122.

Of those 19 districts, Republicans only hold a slight 10-9 advantage after losing a seat in 2007. That seat belongs to Brandon Jones, holder of what may be the most watched House race this fall. Four years ago, Jones defeated Republican Time Lee by 11 votes for the seat being vacated by Republican Carmel Wells-Smith. Charles Busby is certainly a very strong candidate for the Republicans, and as I said, this is one everyone is watching.

For the rest of the races that make up the district…

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