Plenty of ‘what ifs’ on tap for Week 1, including Missouri-Illinois

Patience. Perspective. Nah. Let’s go straight for the knee-jerk reaction.
We’ll all be tempted to draw some conclusions from the opening week of college football.
Granted, the lineup of tomato cans ready to be knocked over could temper that temptation a bit.
I mean what can you really learn from Penn State playing Coastal Carolina … other than what a Chanticleer is? I think it’s natural to want to confirm hunches or suspicions about certain teams. There are a few who might show their colors this weekend.

I can’t wait for Missouri and Illinois on Saturday night. Maybe we’ll see if Missouri really is golden and if the future is rosy for the Illini. It was a magical ride to Pasadena for the Zooker last year. But was that just a good Illinois team or are the Illini becoming a good program?