Plenty to lose, nothing to gain

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt told reporters last week that if the season were to start in the next few days, Nathan Stanley would be the Rebels’ starting quarterback. If you believe that ? well, let’s just say I’ll sell you this laptop I happen to have real cheap. Everyone knows that Oregon transfer Jeremiah Masoli is going to take the first snap of the season for Ole Miss. If you’re Nutt, you don’t allow Masoli to enroll at Ole Miss, face a huge PR backlash, then keep him on the bench. Masoli would’ve been a long-shot Heisman candidate had he been Oregon’s starter. Surely he’s good enough to start at Ole Miss, which put up with Jevan “Hey, I haven’t throw an interception in three series, so I better throw one” Snead last season. If you play Ole Miss, you have to game plan for Masoli. You don’t have to game plan for Stanley, who has an upside but isn’t as good as Masoli right now.