Plunkett – Barbour’s position on health insurance exchange no longer matters, it’s Chaney’s baby now

It’s terribly funny to see liberal’s contort as to how, as governor, Haley Barbour supported a state-run health insurance exchange. In their efforts to help pave the way for ObamaCare in Mississippi, some will call on the most feeble of arguments. Conservatives should get a good chuckle when Mississippi lefty’s are forced to refer fondly to a man they so loathed while he was in office.

To look at quotes from the former governor about the behemoth ObamaCare, and then to look at the actions he took in helping Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney apply for $21 million in federal money to put together an exchange seems a perfect lesson in political contradiction. He seemed to be preaching one message to the public while trying to get money from the feds to Chaney for the opposite reasons. This little play is nothing new. We see it out of our representatives in Washington all the time.

Mississippi Pep