Plunkett: Medicaid expansion is subsidizing sickness

Let’s say you’ve been working just a few miles from home for the past several years. Your employer has allowed you to use a company truck to get you back and forth. So, you’ve budgeted your life accordingly. You’ve given your spouse the family vehicle to drive. You want her to have a dependable ride.

Due to the down economy and a bigger tax burden, your current employer decides to cut back the use of the company vehicle to “official use only”, then they cut your hours.

You’ve decided it’s time to move on. You got lucky, and found someone who offered you a job, but it’s a 30-minute drive from home, and no company vehicle.

There is a public transit system available to get you close enough to walk to your potential new job, but it leaves 15-minutes later than you need in order to get there on time. If you’re asked to work later than the normal working hours you may miss the afternoon transit entirely. Further adding to the dilemma is that the public transit is many times off schedule, and often routes and times change, meaning you will have to try and keep up with those changes daily in order to work out a way to get to and from work.

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