‘Pockets’ a topic that Anderson could avoid

Scruggs and Anderson both said Dale was beholden to the insurance companies. With his $250,000 contribution to a PAC designed to help Anderson, one wonders to whom Anderson is now beholden?

A more pointed question would be this – whose pocket is Gary Anderson in these days? Could it be the richest, smartest, most successful trial lawyer in Mississippi – some say, with good reason, in the country – in the person of Dickie Scruggs?

The logic on the claim’s a little strange, too. If an insurance commissioner candidate taking donations from insurance folks makes him a sellout and seats him in their pockets, what does taking donations from the lawyers who argue cases in front of them make the judges who take them?

At any rate, Anderson might want to talk about his experience, his fiscal acumen, all of that. But pockets is a topic that Anderson really might want to avoid while his political pockets are bulging.

Sid Salter
Clarion Ledger