Deputy auditor, investigator indicted in Hinds Co.

A deputy state auditor and the deputy director of investigations for the state agency have been indicted by a Hinds County grand jury on charges of first-degree hindrance of prosecution.

An indictment shows David Huggins, deputy state auditor, and co-defendant Karei McDonald, deputy director of investigations, were indicted by a grand jury on Feb. 26. The indictment says that Huggins and McDonald willfully hindered prosecution of Ben Allen, president of Downtown Jackson Partners in an investigation by Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith.

The indictment claims Huggins and McDonald “by means of deception and or intimidation” prevented delivery of subpoenaed files to the district attorney’s office and prevented others from delivering files “by directing them to not copy or deliver parts of said investigatory file.” The indictment also claims the two, after being forced to provide the files, labeled, or directed them to be labeled “Incomplete Ongoing Investigation-Civil Only as of October 21, 2015 even though the official agency attorney had informed him that it was a criminal prosecution.”

Clarion Ledger