Politicians would welcome good luck

Courtesy of the Gulf Coast delegation, the traditional Mardi Gras pastries are said to bring good luck to the finder of the plastic baby inside.

If there’s ever a time when lawmakers need to find those babies, it could be now.

It’s the economy, of course, as a national financial crisis is forcing legislators to confront politically sensitive issues such as tax increases, college tuition hikes, budget cuts, reduced Medicaid funding and more during the session that took off this week.

Referring to the inevitable requests each year for new programs and increased spending for pet projects or inspired causes, Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg said, “People always want to birth new babies.

“This time, we’re just trying to save the old babies.”

With a dark shadow cir-cling above the Capitol, bright corners of optimism in the halls of government would seem to be rare.

But, as Flaggs, a 22-year House veteran, showed, you can still find them. They will save those “old babies,” Flaggs said, referring to health care and education.

“And Medicaid – you know you’re going to fund Medicaid.

“You ain’t going to throw Aunt Bessie out of the nursing home.

“Anyway, if we don’t work well together, everything is going to fall apart.

“We don’t have a a choice.”

Clarion Ledger