POLITICO – Haley Barbour says not running for president unrelated to past

Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor, says he ultimately decided not to run for president because he “wasn’t ready to be all in” for the grueling process, but was not dissuaded by anything his advisers learned from researching his past.

“There was nothing not already well-known or that we had not seen in the counter-oppo research for my 2007 reelection,” Barbour said.

“[Strategist] Scott Reed and I … agreed there was nothing in the material to cause me not to go forward. So we went forward to see if we could put together the money and a winning team, and to see if I had the fire in the belly to dedicate 10- years of my life, to the exclusion of all else, to running for and being president. I decided after four months of building a team, etc., that I wasn’t ready to be all in, so I shouldn’t be in at all.”