Chris McDaniel condemns race comments

In the wide-ranging interview Friday, McDaniel vowed to keep fighting to preserve the “integrity of the election.” He also pushed back on allegations from the Cochran campaign that he was fundraising on the issue to pay off campaign debt.

“It’s not true,” McDaniel said of the accusation. “We don’t have any primary debt — not one dime.”

The conservative challenger also called on the Cochran campaign to join him “hand in hand” in the investigation.

“Here’s what I would suggest to the Cochran campaign,” McDaniel continued. “Instead of accusations like that — instead of ridicule, instead of name-calling — why not join us in this process? Why not go out there, hand in hand, and let’s find the corruption if it exists, let’s root it out, once and for all. I think that’s their obligation, wouldn’t you?”

Toward the end of the interview, McDaniel acknowledged that he might lose any ensuing court battle, but he would not commit to supporting Cochran if he emerges as the GOP nominee in Mississippi.

“If the court rules against us, certainly, we’ll respect the court’s decisions,” he said. “As to endorsing or going forward with Thad Cochran, or whoever else, I’m going to make that call after all this is said and done.”

When asked whether he would actually entertain supporting Cochran after such a contentious primary battle, McDaniel said he had yet to make a decision.

“I’m going to have to really think seriously after we get to the second phase of this if it comes to that,” he said.