Wait for Thad Cochran call continues

The campaign world is waiting on Thad Cochran.

The six-term senator from Mississippi, the second most-senior Republican in the Senate, is expected to make an announcement any day about whether he’ll run for reelection in 2014. Though he’d initially suggested he’d make his decision by the end of November, that deadline came and went — and Mississippi Republicans say even they have no idea what he’s planning to do.

“Sen. Cochran is the only person who knows, and anybody else who claims to know is probably working out of his or her imagination,” said Andy Taggart, an attorney and veteran Mississippi Republican. “You can make a good case either way, but we’re not going to know until he says so.”

Mississippi GOP chairman Joe Nosef said Cochran “will decide when he decides,” but that he expects an announcement “sooner rather than later.” Asked Thursday afternoon about the possible timing of Cochran’s announcement, an aide to the senator said there was still “nothing new to report as far as I know.”