What’s Rick Perry waiting for?

Those close to Perry say despite the strong hints that both he and his high command are dropping in conversations with senior Republicans — hints that have left party elites in Texas and beyond convinced that Perry will enter the race — the country’s longest-serving governor has not yet made up his mind. Questions about money and infrastructure remain. Not only that, he isn’t in a rush to decide.

Dave Carney, Perry’s chief strategist, said they had no “hard deadline,” but called Labor Day the outer end of when Perry will have to make up his mind.

“I have always expected him to make a decision by the end of the summer,” the strategist said.

Perry’s carefully weighing the difficulties inherent in trying to put together a presidential campaign from scratch after the contest has already begun.

“It’s a matter of doing what others have been doing over years in a matter of few weeks,” Carney said.