Recess advertising blitz

This recess just keeps getting louder.

The Democratic National Committee and the conservative Club for Growth both announced Tuesday that they plan to turn up the volume on health care reform over the break, largely in districts represented by vulnerable Democrats. The two groups have lined up on opposite sides of the ring – and it looks like it’ll be bruising for the members in the middle.

The DNC has purchased radio advertising in 23 districts, thanking members of Congress for supporting health care reform or President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package. The spots “will begin as early as [Wednesday] and run into next week,” according to a DNC release. Nineteen representatives are getting thank-yous on healthcare – four for supporting the stimulus.

The Club for Growth’s $1.2 million buy hits seven senators and nine representatives in purple districts and states. It’s a 30-second ad, linking Obama’s health care proposal to the British health care system where, the ad claims, six months of life are valued at $22,750. The Club bought broadcast television time in Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada and North Dakota – political battlegrounds with relatively cheap media markets (It also bought cable in Colorado and Nevada).