POLITICO: GOP govs v. card check

Six Republican governors, including a couple big ones, are publicly coming out against the Employee Free Choice Act today. South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour, Georgia’s Sonny Perdue, Idaho’s Butch Otter, South Dakota’s Mike Rounds and Texas’s Rick Perry will release a statement calling the labor-backed bill “absolutely unacceptable.

“Card check would take our state and nation in the exact opposite direction we need to be moving to become more competitive in the 21st Century,” Sanford says. “In today’s economy, the last thing in the world Congress should be advancing is a measure to increase costs for the American consumer and business community.”

Quoth Haley Barbour: “Card check is an insidious infringement on the right of American workers to cast a confidential ballot in deciding whether or not they want union representation. This is particularly unfair for small businesses, the real engine of the American economy that generates nearly 80 percent of net new jobs.”

Rick Perry calls the measure “un-American.”

Politico 4/16/9