Deep in the archives of Ole Miss may reside a game changer for the Haley Barbour presidential path – an on camera endorsement of him in 1982 by then-President Ronald Reagan (aka Ronaldus Magnus). In what Politico calls, The best campaign ad of 2012, the unveiling of it may actually be significant in the race of relative unknowns on the Republican side for those aspiring for the presidential nomination.

Politico describes it.

So it may not actually have been cut yet, but Haley Barbour’s rivals will struggle to beat his repurposing of this direct-to-camera endorsement from his 1982 Senate race:

“I’d like to take a moment to talk with you about our country’s future and a very special leader – Haley Barbour. The problems of the 1980’s are rapidly changing and demanding new solutions and fresh vigorous ideas. I’ve learned first hand that Haley Barbour has the intelligence, courage and experience to make a great United States Senator. These are difficult times but slowly and surely we are making America prosperous again. With leaders like Haley Barbour we can look to the future with confidence and hope.”

For any aspiring journalism or political science student at Ole Miss, find it and your reward shall be online! If you find it, send it here to us at YallPolitics.