RGA gala raises big bucks

The Republican Governors Association announced it raked in a record-shattering $13.5 million in pledges in conjunction with its annual gala in Washington Monday.

“Republicans saw the difference the RGA made in Virginia and New Jersey last year and are ready to replicate those efforts nationwide this year,” said RGA Gala chairman and Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Va.) in a statement.

The gala total is on top of the $25 million the RGA already had in the bank from its 2009 fundraising.

The $13.5 million number represents pledged contributions, but the RGA said the money is as good as “in the bank.”

“The check is on the way. Just like any fundraising event, the money you raise for it does not all come in on the day of the event,” said RGA spokesman Mike Schrimpf.

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