Politics Daily profiles Barbour as 2012 candidate

Haley Barbour is a man of iron discipline these days, with nothing unpleasant to say about any fellow Republican. He’d rather bury you with data about workforce training, unemployment benefits, Medicaid, energy and housing.

He once worked in the White House as Ronald Reagan’s political director and he helped lead his party back to power on Capitol Hill as chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1997. Now he’s the governor of Mississippi, deep in the weeds of state policy and increasingly showing up on lists of potential GOP saviors.

Haley in 2012? Hey, the timing’s right. His second term ends in 2011 and term limits mean he can’t run again. And his party is in dire straits – just like it was when he took over the RNC after Democrat Bill Clinton was elected president.

During a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters Wednesday, Barbour joked about his career. “I’m a lobbyist, a politician and a lawyer. I mean, I’ve got the big three,” he said.

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