The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Editorial, 10/6/8

I can’t remember ever writing a letter to my congressman or senators, or signing my name to the form letters that often circulate, or sending an e-mail. If I were to write such a letter after the events of last week, it would probably read something like this:

Dear Senators Wicker and Cochran and Congressman Childers:

I know that you have been under extraordinary pressure in recent days as Congress has sought to come to grips with the national financial crisis facing us. Your constituents are angry and you are hearing from them, and each of you is on the ballot just 30 days from now.

I know, too, that you are all honorable men who genuinely want what is best for Mississippi and the nation. That’s why I’m disappointed that you couldn’t bring yourselves to become part of the solution to this crisis – however flawed that solution might be…