Today, nationally respected Republican polling group On Message released polling results in Tate Reeves campaign. You’ll remember, they did some early polling in the race. Also, Fabrizio McLaughlin did an uncommissioned poll in late May and these results are shockingly similar.

Here’s how the released polling in this race has broken down.

On Message – 3/1/10 – Reeves 51/Hewes 12
Fabrizio – 5/26/11 – Reeves 51/Hewes 18
On Message 7/6/11 – Reeves 56/Hewes 16

Taken individually, polls can be unreliable. Polls can be made to say whatever one wants to say, I suppose, but bound together (one being independent), these three tell a strikingly similar story. There’s 4 weeks left in this primary race. If you believe what the polls say (and these are reputable pollsters with history in Mississippi), absent something unforeseen, Reeves still has a huge lead in this race and I consider now a prohibitive favorite to win. If these polls are even close to right, no one could (and I wouldn’t) predict a 40 point flip with this little time left in the race.

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