Popular Barbour calls campaign issue-driven

“This campaign is about issues, and that’s what I think the voters deserve to hear,” said Barbour, seeking a second term.

He faces Democrat John Arthur Eaves Jr. in the general election Tuesday.

If re-elected, Barbour said continuing the recovery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, promoting more economic development, further stabilizing the state budget and making health care more affordable will be priorities for the next four years.

This campaign is about the last four though, he said.

“What’s your record?” asked Barbour, a former Washington lobbyist. “What about your record should give a voter confidence you’ll do well in the future? What’s your vision? That’s what I’ve concentrated on answering.”

Pollsters and political scientists alike are predicting victory for Barbour, who still is riding high on his performance during and after Hurricane Katrina ripped into the Coast in late August 2005.

But Barbour said he’s not taking anything for granted.

“We’re sitting here in an election saying, ‘Haley’s got it won. Haley can’t lose,'” Barbour said to a group of supporters at a fish fry in Tupelo. “Well, nobody ever won an election by himself, and I’m not going to be the first.”

The final days will be spent leaning on the GOP’s party-wide get-out-the-vote program, the 72-hour Task Force, said Barbour campaign spokesman Brian Perry.

Clarion Ledger