Today, Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey (D-Union Church) announced
that the Mississippi Public Service Commission will act quickly on Entergy Mississippi’s quarterly fuel adjustment
currently under review by the Public Utilities Staff to insure lower, as well as stable, rates for Entergy Mississippi
This action, coupled with previous actions by the Commission, will insure that Entergy Mississippi customer rates remain
stable through at least the summer of 2010. Posey also noted that Entergy Mississippi customers will pay only $79.46
per 1000 kilowatt hours per month for the quarter beginning January 1, 2010, nearly $10 less per month than the first
Posey also noted that the natural gas market is still very volatile and that the Commission has to continue to work hard
to insure that customers receive the most affordable, stable, and reliable prices possible.

Posey Presser