Posey Announces Need for Additional Generating Capacity

Jackson, MS. (11/9/09) – Today, Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey announced that the Public Service Commission finds that Mississippi Power Company (MPCO) has demonstrated that public convenience and necessity requires or will require additional generating capacity and energy as early as 2014. Further, after a review of the entire record, the Commission notes that the record contains no credible evidence to support a finding that MPCO has no need or that this Commission should not proceed to phase two of these proceedings. Therefore, based upon all the information including all the pre-filed testimony filed in these proceedings, the pleadings, briefs, letters, exhibits, data request responses and all other documents contained in the record, and all of the oral testimony provided at the hearings in this matter, this Commission finds that MPCO has need for additional electrical generation and will begin phase two hearings beginning Monday February 1, 2010.