What’s next after failed school funding initiative?

Despite the loss, those with the campaign said Initiative 42 “was just the beginning.”

“Of the approximately 640,000 Mississippi voters who cast ballots on Tuesday – one of the lowest turnouts in state history – only about 25,000 more people voted against the amendment than voted for it. So no matter who claims ‘victory,’ our Legislature must now heed the call to do more to improve our public schools,” campaign co-managers Jonathan Compretta and Michael Rejebian said in a statement Wednesday. “Either that, or simply ignore the wishes of more than 300,000 of their citizens.”

Rep. Greg Snowden, the author of the legislature’s alternative to Initiative 42, said he believes the results shook out the way they did because in the weeks leading up to the election, people were “beginning to understand what the language of the constitution change was and what the effect of it would really be – to put education decisions into the hands of the court.”