How the POTUS announcement about space exploration may benefit Infinity, Stennis

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – Infinity Science Center houses some pretty cool stuff. From space suits inside to a massive part of the Saturn-V rocket outside, there’s plenty to see. And with NASA’s new task of sending astronauts back to the moon, the center’s executive director feels like there will be a renewed interest in rocket science.

“As we send humans back to the moon, it’s a story that will unfold that children will follow. I remember incredibly inspired as a young child to see the Apollo astronauts go to the moon and it forever shaped my future,” said John Wilson, who is the Exec Director of Infinity Science Center.

Wilson is excited about the idea of not only astronauts returning to the moon, but the potential to go to Mars. There’s also the likelihood that these major missions will bring lots of attention to Stennis Space Center.