Conspiracy Investigation Draws Closer to McDaniel

There are no close geographic ties; there are no obvious professional ties; and there are no perceptible social ties. In fact, the only thing they seem to have in common is their support for Chris McDaniel, which in and of itself is by no means an indication of wrongdoing by the state senator, or by his US Senate campaign. Nevertheless, that commonality does exist.

When I asked Major Sanders about the apparent lack of connection between the four individuals now arrested, and the seeming lack of a central figure in the alleged conspiracy, he told me:

“This is one of the focal points of our current investigation. Our investigators are working to determine what direct interaction and coordination existed between Kelly, Mary, Mayfield and Sager; and we are looking at the possibility that there may be an additional individual or individuals who were the central agent or coordinator of the conspiracy.”

When looking at the investigation so far, what we may be seeing are only some of the “spokes in the wheel.” The larger question that remains is if there are more spokes and who is the hub. Those answers may only be forthcoming as the police investigation progresses over the next several days.

My question is, once the wheel is complete, who will be run over?

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