The Clarion-Ledger, 8/22/8

University of Mississippi officials were told Thursday that their Sept. 26 presidential debate will focus on foreign affairs and national security, rather than domestic issues as they had planned.

Andy Mullins, executive assistant to the chancellor, said Janet Brown, the executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, called him before 8 a.m. Thursday to inform him of the change.

The third presidential debate, set for Oct. 15 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., will focus on domestic issues, Mullins said.

“(The Commission) told us it was simply the wish of the two campaigns that it change,” said Mullins, who thought the switch might have been spurred by Russia’s invasion this month of Georgia, a small country on its southern border. Georgia is north of Turkey, which shares its southern border with Syria and Iraq.