Ted Cruz will be in north Mississippi today.

The news from the Texas US Senator and presidential candidate’s stop thus far is that he has tapped state Sen. Chris McDaniel and McDaniel confidant Keith Plunkett as state co-chairs for the campaign here in Mississippi.

Plunkett made the announcement via Facebook Tuesday morning saying, “Thank you Senator Ted Cruz for your trust. I am honored and I aim to vigorously serve the cause.”

Plunkett took issue with the Mississippi Republican Party on Monday on his blog (Mississippi PEP) for not being more engaged in Cruz’s visit. Plunkett wrote:

“The events in Mississippi, one in Tupelo and the other in Olive Branch, have been broadcast across media outlets for weeks. Yet, the Mississippi Republican Party is quiet. The last communications via the parties social media page promoted Chairman Joe Nosef’s appearance on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ and the news that the debate on Thursday was the highest-rated primary debate in history.

“Back in December of 2014 the party hosted presidential hopeful Rand Paul with the theme that the state GOP was “reuniting” following the bruising Senate campaign between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. They welcomed John McCain with open arms in June of 2014 as he campaigned for Cochran. They celebrated a visit by Jeb Bush to the state just a few months ago.

“Where is the party support for Cruz?

“Does this sound like a party that has “reunited”? Does it sound like a state party that truly cares about “reuniting”? Or does it sound like more of the same picking and choosing political favorites?”

And so it begins anew…