Attorney General Touts Legislative Accomplishments for 2010
April 19, 2010

Contact: Jan Schaefer
Public Information Officer
[email protected]

Jackson, MS–Attorney General Jim Hood would like to thank lawmakers
for the passage of several legislative bills into law during the 2010

“Protecting Mississippians is our utmost goal and that is the purpose
of each and every one of these laws,” said Attorney General Jim Hood.

Here is a brief description of the legislation proposed by the Attorney
General that has been signed into law:

HB 583-businesses are required to give notice to affected consumers
when there has been a breach of security. Mississippi joins 45 other
states that have this type of law.

HB 640-Changes the Vulnerable Adults Act to the Vulnerable Persons Act.
“Currently Our Vulnerable Adults Act can be applicable to persons other
than adults, so this seemingly small change is actually quite
significant,” said Attorney General Jim Hood.

HB 733-provides for an assessment against convicted criminal defendants
to cover the reasonable costs of investigations. “This law is a Godsend
to law enforcement agencies during these budget cutting times,” said
Attorney General Jim Hood.

HB 872-created the “CALLER ID ANTI-SPOOFING ACT”; which prohibits
entering or causing to be entered false information into a telephone
caller identification system with the intent to deceive, defraud or
mislead; Prohibits placing a call knowing that false information was
entered into the telephone caller identification system; Provides that
any violations of this act constitutes an unlawful trade practice under
the state consumer protection laws .

HB 512-makes Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine a Schedule III controlled
substance and restricts over the counter sales.

HB 1309-revised the elements of the offense of stalking and aggravated
stalking; Clarifies and revises terms of punishment; Clarifies venue for
prosecution of the offense.

HB 1529-deletes the automatic repealers on the statutes establishing
and empowering the Interagency Coordinating Council for Children and
Youth (ICCCY); Expands the membership of the council to include the
Attorney General and defines the authority of the council to assist
Multidisciplinary Assessment and Planning (MAP) Teams to become the
single point of entry for certain children and youth; Clarifies the
purpose of the Mississippi Statewide System of Care for Children with
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.

Legislation on its way to Governor:

SB 2923-revises the offense of assault as constituting domestic
violence and includes strangulation within the offense; Includes
children of the parties as possible victims of domestic violence;
provides for a 24-hour cooling-off period; Requires a minimum one-year
sentence before a person convicted of aggravated domestic violence is
eligible for parole.

“I would like to thank those members of the legislature who supported
these acts,” said Attorney General Jim Hood. “We are proud of what we
have accomplished together this year and we are looking forward to even
more in 2011.”