Bryant speaks ‘positive Mississippi’; challengers blast him

Democratic candidate Vicki Slater blamed Bryant and Republican leaders for problems with education, health care, poverty, foreign goods being sold in Wal-Mart and even a lack of Mississippi-grown tomatoes in grocery stores.

“Our teachers have to reach into their own purses for school supplies,” said Slater, who recounted a classroom she visited that had “32 students and only 15 textbooks.”

Slater also fired back at House Speaker Philip Gunn, who in his speech decried the national Democratic Party “removing God from their platform.”

“It doesn’t matter if God is in your platform,” Slater said. “It doesn’t matter if God is in a platform or on the state seal. What matters is if God is in your heart. We know where our governor’s heart is. It’s not in schools, not in health care and not in jobs.