Fresh from the YallPolitics award winning newsfeed, comes “Constitutional Clayton” posting again on the Chris McDaniel race.

For those of you who may have forgotten or just otherwise been completely overwhelmed with scandal and shock in the MS Senate race, Kelly was arrested in May for accessing Sen. Thad Cochran’s wife’s room at St. Catherine’s village and taking pictures of her in an incapacitated state to make as part of a video.

Here’s the latest post (on a Daily Paul site, of course).

Here’s a link to other posts from Constitutional Clayton that has the most recent post as part of it.

Don’t worry, we have the screenshots when they get ripped down and will post them when they do.

Within about an hour of the post, the post on Clayton Kelly’s account was removed. Not very smart, but no one ever accused Kelly of being a ‘rocket surgeon’.

First, Clayton, you need to learn about Google Cache. Here’s the post as it still stands in Google Cache.

Here’s the index of his pages at Daily Paul (before they got changed to a new handle called ‘Wellington’)

Just as a sidenote – In Clayton’s list of posts was the April 26 post that posted the video that he’s now in trouble for. Here’s the Google Cache link to it (although the video had already of course been taken down). We have the screenshots if it goes away, too.