Pro-Gun bill headed to Governor’s desk, Sen. Flowers touts Right to Carry law

Senate passes pro-gun bill
Sen. Flowers touts strengthening Right to Carry law

March 23, 2010

The Mississippi Senate unanimously passed a National Rifle Association (NRA) backed pro-gun bill on Tuesday that will allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry a firearm in Mississippi public parks. Senate Bill 2862, authored by Senator Gray Tollison (D-Oxford), was amended to include stronger right to carry language. The bill will now go to the Governor’s desk for his signature.
“Citizens should be able to exercise their Second Amendment right, and this bill will broaden the locations where they can do so,” said Senator Merle Flowers (R-Olive Branch). “I applaud the work of my colleague Sen. Tollison, and his leadership on this very important issue. While Federal and state public parks will be mandated to allow firearms, counties and municipalities will have the option for their local parks. This bill simply allows folks to protect themselves and their families.”

“The NRA and our 30,000-plus members in Mississippi strongly support SB 2862 to bring state law into line with federal law allowing carry permit holders to protect themselves in parks, and to broaden the right to self-defense,” said Tara Mica, NRA’s Mississippi state liaison.

Flowers, a lifetime NRA member, has long been a pro-gun advocate. He co-authored the Castle Doctrine Law in 2006 that allows citizens to use deadly force if the feel their life is in danger.

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