Pro-Life Group Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor’s District

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), Southeast Operations will begin to operate graphic billboard trucks in the Congressional district of U.S. Rep Gene Taylor (D-Mississippi) during the second week of January. This operation will continue until the last vote on the final version of the health care reform legislation that is currently making its way through both houses of Congress.

The billboard trucks will display large abortion photos in a campaign to remind voters that abortion is not health care and consequently should not be federally funded as an element of health care reform, either directly or indirectly.

CBR Statement: “We thank Rep. Taylor for opposing abortion funding through government subsidized health insurance policies that would launder government money through an insured’s personal checking account to create the misleading impression that public funds have thereby been transformed into private premiums. We urge him to persist in his opposition.” (Gregg Cunningham, Executive Director, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform)

For more information, email Gregg Cunningham, Executive Director, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, at [email protected] or go to For more information on CBR Southeast, go to

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