Prosecutors try to rein in Melton’s defense

Federal prosecutors in Mayor Frank Melton’s re-trial are asking U.S. District Judge Dan Jordan to prohibit defense attorneys from introducing “improper” arguments and evidence aimed at inflaming jurors’ passions as part of a nullification defense.

For the retrial, prosecutors in a series of new motions have asked Jordan to prohibit defense attorneys from employing a number of tactics, including:

Introducing as evidence a crack pipe and “pushrod” taken by a Jackson police officer off duplex tenant Evans Welch the night of the raid.

Suggesting that jurors should acquit because duplex owner Jennifer Sutton has sued the city over damage to her home.

Arguing that prosecutors have unfairly singled out Melton and Recio for prosecution, while not prosecuting others involved in the raid.

Arguing — as Melton often has done — that the case should be in civil court and not criminal court.

Arguing Recio should be acquitted because he “was following orders.”