Miss. AG files motion to accept Vines’ plea

On Sept. 26, 2006, Vines was indicted on 13 counts of embezzlement.

On May 4, 2007, Vines pleaded guilty to three counts on the original indictment.

However Judge Joe Webster, an out-of- town judge appointed to the case, withheld the acceptance of the Vines’ guilty plea and placed Vines on probation.

When Vines, according to Webster’s ruling, refused to provide his records for the Adams County audit he was in direct violation of the court order and thereby violated his probation.

Webster’s order said Vines must “fully comply with all applicable regulations and procedures prescribed by the state auditor’s office of the State of Mississippi.”

On Thursday, Webster, said he had no knowledge of the attorney general’s motion.

State Auditor Phil Bryant said Vines’ failure to cooperate was a very serious offense.

“It’s has been difficult from the beginning,” Bryant said. “The bottom line is we believe he’s in violation of the court order to cooperate with the state auditor’s office and the AG decided it was time to move.”

Natchez Democrat