Bentz Press Release on AT&T

Commissioner Bentz announced today, AT&T has requested a bill in the Legislature to remove the Mississippi Public Service Commission from all oversight of their business.

This is a very bad bill for consumers in Mississippi, Commissioner Bentz stated. Even though AT&T will tell you that the oversight that we [PSC] have is limited, the little we do have is piece of mind for the consumers. You don’t have to think very long to understand why this bill is bad. Think back to last time you called in a problem to AT&T and the lack of customer service you received. This bill would make it worse. The bill would also limit the Commission’s oversight of the Universal Service Fund. This is a critical fund in which AT&T receives monies to invest in their infrastructure. In the proposed bill this would give the oversight to the federal government. The avenue for customer complaint appeals to the PSC will also be removed. I guess if a consumer had a complaint they could call the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If AT&T can explain to me how this bill will build better customer service by calling a Washington bureaucrat versus an elected Mississippian, I will be their biggest cheerleader. I hope legislator’s reviewing this bill will contact the PSC and give us an opportunity for input.

PSC Commissioner Leonard Bentz