Kemper settlement not finalized

Public Service Commission to hold status conference

Monday afternoon, documents were filed with the Public Service Commission regarding a solution surrounding the Kemper Power Plant. The filing comes pursuant to an order approved unanimously by the Commission at its July 6 meeting encouraging parties to reach an agreement to the matters in question regarding the facility. As part of this order the Commission advised that any settlement should:

1. Remove risk from ratepayers for the lignite coal gasifier and related assets.
2. Involve no rate increase to Mississippi Power Company customers while encouraging serious discussions leading to potential rate reduction, particularly for residential customers.
3. Include modification of the original certificate issued in docket no. 2009-UA-014 to allow only for operation of a natural gas facility at the Kemper Project location.
The separate filings made Monday afternoon by the Public Utilities Staff and Mississippi Power Company indicate that a settlement has yet to be reached. By Friday, the Commission will review all filings and order a status conference in which parties will update the Commission on the status of negotiations as well as provide
direction to parties of record moving forward.

Public Service Commission Press Release