A public service announcement from the Mississippi Tea Party ( http://msteaparty.ning.com )

Important Information on Voting in Mississippi this November

To vote on Nov. 2, you, your family, friends and contacts will have to register before Oct. 2. Absentee voting is 45 days before the election. The easiest thing is click on the Secretary of State’s web site below and handle the process by mail or on the phone. Remember that if someone is 17 now and will be 18 by election they may register now. If you think you are registered but are not sure, call your Circuit Clerk’s office today and find out. Phone numbers are at the second link below.

Link to Voter Registration Form:
Print and complete the form. Mail to the Circuit Clerk in your home county at least 30 days before the election.

Link to Absentee Voting:
Call your county voter registrar and ask for instructions on absentee voting.