Purity or Politics: 2008 Presidential Election By Phillip Knight Director Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies Florence, MS

Recently a group of well intentioned evangelicals, led by Dr. James Dobson met in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss the plight of the conservative candidates among the Republican field. It seems rather slim pickings for the nomination as far as evangelical standards go. Senator Brownback, the conservative Catholic has a perfect record on the life and marriage issues. Governor Huckabee is a former pastor and is one of us. Unfortunately neither has generated the kind of momentum necessary to secure the nomination. Both are considered second tier candidates with Huckabee having gained some ground and looking like a viable VP candidate.

For years in America moral absolutes were deeply ingrained into our culture, but since the onslaught of European rationalism and modernism, America has floundered in the struggle to maintain her Christian ideals. For almost a generation, misguided but well intentioned Christians took a back seat and disengaged themselves from the primary culture of America. Throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s evangelical Christians had either no need for a voice into the life of the nation or choose to not have one. The eruption of Roe vs Wade and the loss of prayer in school are a direct result of our disengagement. It seems ludicrous to repeat the mistakes of our recent past. However, this is exactly what will happen if Dr. Dobson succeeds in pulling the evangelical vote from the Republican Party.

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Phillip B. Knight

Dr. Phillip Knight


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