Q&A with Congressman Steven Palazzo

The Republican party of South Mississippi has spoken, and has put their ultimate faith in you. Your leadership and guidance is what matters most. How do you plan to implement change within our government?

“I am proud to be part of a conservative majority committed to restoring the public’s trust in government by stopping the out of control spending and working towards a smaller government that is accountable to the American people. Two weeks ago, we voted to reduce the Congressional budget by five percent across the board and will save U.S. taxpayers $35 million. While it is a small amount compared to the debt this Congress inherited from its predecessor, it’s a signal to the American people that we are serious about reducing the size of government and restoring their trust in their elected officials.”

What issues are most important to you, and what are your goals for the 4th District of Mississippi during your first term?

“I am particularly focused on doing all I can to help grow jobs in South Mississippi. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and I want to make sure we reduce the burdens they face so that they can hire the talented people that call Mississippi home.”
As a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, who served in Iraq, you have a unique perspective on what is happening overseas.

What do you feel is the appropriate course of action at this time?

“Because of the hard work of America’s fighting men and women, many of whom are from Mississippi, Iraqis have an opportunity to embrace the freedom we all enjoy. It is largely now up to their political leadership to ensure that their nation takes the steps to freedom.”