QB preview: Brady tops, followed by Manning, Romo

Many unproven quarterbacks occupy the NFL’s most difficult position, diluting the pool and putting a premium on the unsinkable ones. Acquire a top signal-caller early, or tread in dangerous waters. Few owners will be rescued after the tidal wave ends, when the roll call of weak QBs begin.

1. Tom Brady, New England: Randy Moss is returning, and his 20-plus touchdowns is the difference between Brady being a top-10 fantasy quarterback and the best one. Add that he’s well protected in an extremely pass-heavy offense and will be even more tuned into Moss and Wes Welker in the trio’s second year together. Playing in last year’s weakest division, Brady threw 21 touchdown passes in five divisional games alone. Give Brady the league’s easiest schedule with games against the AFC West and NFC West, and he will have easy scores. As a bonus, his coach likes to go for touchdowns rather than kicking field goals on fourth downs.
Backup: Matt Cassel

2. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis