QBs, Notre Dame and SEC football

by Bo Bounds
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Top-5 QBs in the SEC since 1990

Great debate on the show the last couple of days on the top-5 QBs in the SEC since 1990.
My top-5
1.) Tim Tebow
2.) Cam Newton
3.) Peyton Manning
4.) Eli Manning
5.) David Greene

You could lobby for Danny Weurfferl, Chris Leak, Jay Cutler, Tim Couch and many more. Picking Newton in the top-5 might surprise some people. When you got it, you got it, and CM has it. In fact, if I was trying to win a college football game all 5 guys listed above had similar talent – I would pick Newton to win the game for me.

Bama v. LSU

I like the Tide to roll in this game, but I think it will be close. The Julio Jones v. Patrick Peterson head-to-head should be awesome. The LSU defense will keep the Tigers in the game, but in the end Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson will be too much.
Bama 21 LSU 14

Arkansas v. South Carolina

The ol’ ball coach needs this one on Saturday. Should be an entertaining game with several big plays. At the end of the day, Stephen Garcia and Marcus Lattimore will make a couple of more plays. If not for Cam Newton’s play this year and Spurrier replacing Garcia with a freshman in the 4th quarter against Auburn, Marcus Lattimore would be the talk of the SEC in 2010. Late in the game Ellis Johnson, defensive coordinator at South Carolina, will get in Mallet’s head and he’ll make a mistake.

Notre Dame shows a failure in leadership

What in the world is going on in South Bend, IN? A young man dies from a hydraulic scissor lift collapsing during football practice with 50+ mph winds, and nobody will step up and take the blame?
Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame’s athletic director, said he had no plans to resign or ask Brian Kelly to do so. Just the day before, Jim Tressell was 250 miles southeast, and moved his team inside for practice because he was worried about his video guys and the wind. Swarbrick and Kelly have to answer to some serious questions, and Notre Dame has to consider getting rid of one or both.

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