Qualifying for Mississippi’s four Congressional seats could have brought some excitement heading into the respective party primaries in March, especially on the Republican side. Instead, it ended with a whimper.

Most notably, Steven Palazzo has no qualified Republican primary challengers, according to the MSGOP. Biloxi city councilman Robert Deming had announced a run in December, and it was rumored state senators Chris McDaniel and Michael Watson were considering a bid, but none of the three qualified.

Congressmen Trent Kelly and Gregg Harper both have one primary challenger, while Bennie Thompson has none. Republicans do have a challenger qualified against Thompson, although it is likely for naught.

Notably, Mississippi Democrats fielded candidates in all four districts as well, which in itself is a feat given the state of the Democratic Party in the Magnolia State.

Here’s the list:

Trent Kelly (R) incumbent
Paul Clever (R)
Jacob Owens (D)

John Bouie II (R)
Bennie Thompson (D) incumbent

Gregg Harper (R) incumbent
Jimmy Giles (R)
Dennis Quinn (D)
Nathan Stewart (D)

Steven Palazzo (R) incumbent
Mark Gladney (D)

All incumbents should be considered the odds on favorite in both the March primaries and the November general election.