Most people who lose this badly in an election have had some bad fate like a scandal or death befall them just before an election. Patricia Ice was beaten by Quentin Whitwell this evening by 78.5% (roughly).


L. Patricia Ice – 501 – 10.705%
Quentin Whitwell – 4179 – 89.295%

Total 4680

Buoyed by an endorsement from Governor Haley Barbour, Quentin Whitwell beat Patricia Ice in every precinct, including her home precinct at Boyd Elementary. Ice’s campaign came under question early after Whitwell’s campaign publicly challenged the legitimacy of her campaign petition signatures. Instead of fighting in court, Whitwell decided to just fight it out on election night. After the Jackson Free Press inexplicably endorsed Ice, Whitwell’s victory was assured and Jacksonians rallied with a much higher than expected turnout.

Congrats to Quentin Whitwell and the citizens of Jackson. Whitwell should be sworn in later this week.