New Paul Minor ruling leaves unanswered questions

Though blogs and papers are touting the vacated charges and pending Supreme Court ruling on honest services charges as a possibility of a completely dismissed case, legal blogger Alan Lange at Y’allPolitics notes, “The RICO penalties alone likely mean that this will result in only a slight reduction in jail time for Minor, Whitfield and Teel.”

However, according to Anita Lee at The Sun Herald, “With the bribery counts thrown out, the racketeering conviction will hinge on the validity of the honest services fraud statute because racketeering must involve underlying criminal acts.”

But Tom Freeland at quotes the Fifth Circuits ruling today, saying:

In regard to the predicate acts underlying the Count Three RICO charges against Minor, the jury found that the Government had proved bribery as to the $100,000 loan to Whitfield and wire fraud as to the wire transfer made by Radlauer, but that the Government had failed to prove bribery as to the $40,000 and $24,500 campaign loans that Minor made to Whitfield and Teel respectively.