Zach Scruggs back at halfway house

The Bureau of Prisons initiated an investigation after people had called and reported seeing Zach Scruggs around Oxford on Feb. 24, the day he was to report to Tupelo. His wife, Amy, had picked him up at the federal prison, and they stopped and had lunch on the Square.

The Bureau of Prisons investigated what route Scruggs took from the prison as well as what he did while on the trip.

Contrary to previous reports that Scruggs had arrived late at the halfway house, he had reported 15 minutes earlier, his attorneys said.

Jail records show Scruggs was released by court order at 12 p.m. Monday.

Also, Bureau of Prisons regional manager Alvin Speights confirmed that Scruggs was back at the halfway house. He would not say what the outcome of the investigation was. Scruggs’ attorney, Cal Mayo of Oxford, would only say he was happy that his client was allowed to return to Tupelo.

Clarion Ledger