More Scruggs’ case transcripts released — and this cartoon was discussed

Backstrom: Uh, did you see that uh MARSHALL RAMSEY cartoon about all the (UI) uh, all the uh, candidates? I don’t know if I still have it. (UI) But um…. (sighs) I don’t think I have it.

Balducci: How could you not still have (UI)

Backstrom: (whispering) Wait wait wait.

Balducci: (laughs)

Backstrom: Think I do. Mmm. (UI) Um, but I it said all the candidates, one of which is HOOD, and HOOD is depicted as a PEZ dispenser. (laughs).

Balducci: (laughs)

Backstrom: And he’s ogt his mouth open. (UI) PEZ shootin’ out like multimillion dollar case…

Marshall Ramsey
Clarion Ledger