Jury Finds Man Guilty of Attempted Kidnapping In Madison County

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that last week a jury found Calvin Dwayne Veazy guilty for the attempted kidnapping of his wife in Ridgeland.

Guest stated, “The jury, after hearing all the evidence, determined that Calvin Veazy is guilty of assaulting his wife and then dragging her across the parking lot in an attempt to force her into a vehicle. Mr. Veazy now awaits sentencing and will have to pay the consequences for his crime against his wife.”

On October 19, 2007, the victim went to her estranged husband’s place of employment, the Ridgeland Wal-Mart, to retrieve her car that her husband had taken from her. As she approached her car, Veazy ran up to her and began assaulting her. He punched her and then threw her to the ground and began stomping her in the face, neck and stomach. Veazy then dragged his wife across the parking lot and attempted to force her into the vehicle. Bystanders called 911 and then came to her aid to prevent her from being dragged into the vehicle. As the Ridgeland Police Department responded to the scene, Veazy sped away in the vehicle.

The Ridgeland Police Department attempted to stop the vehicle as it left Wal-Mart, but the defendant refused to stop and a high-risk chase ensued. Officers attempted to divert traffic away from the area of the pursuit because Veazy was passing cars using the center turn lane and driving against the flow of traffic.

Veazy attempted to enter a residential subdivision, but the gates were locked and he was forced to abandon the vehicle and then fled on foot. Officers from the Ridgeland Police Department surrounded the area and later spotted the defendant. Officers approached the defendant and ordered him to stop. The defendant began to run and a foot chase ensued through the Pear Orchard Apartment complex. Detective Mark Penn eventually caught Veazy and wrestled him to the ground.

Guest added, “I am proud that the victim can now live her life without the dangers her abusive husband presented.”

DA Michael Guest Press Release